• We talk about our favorite changes from today's big PTR patch! Read More +
  • Sahara tells you why if you aren't playing Team League, you aren't playing HotS correctly, and brainstorms ideas about how to make it easier. Read More +
  • Come check out our very first episode of nexus Drafthouse, with guest Mike Udall from Gale Force Esports! Read More +
  • Alebeard stops by to give us a quick run down of his favorite Valla playstyle! Read More +
  • Tracer brings a new playstyle that will require you to re-think how you play, both as and against her! Nutmeg brings you some helpful tips to do so in this guide. Read More +
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  • Looking Back at Heroes of the Dorm 2016: From the Floor

    What's it like to be at a live esports event in the burgeoning American scene? Read and share in our experiences from Heroes of the Dorm in Seattle! Read More +
  • Become the Savior of the battlefield! Nutmeg brings you a simple guide to dominance with a classic Protoss support. Read More +
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HotS United - Finals Tonight!

HotS United is a grassroots effort by our community to foster growth in the Heroes of the Storm amateur scene. The goal was to create a singular, less amorphous, confusing scene for these teams to compete in, and tonight is the finals of Season 1 of that effort! 


"Today is the day, the largest event in the history of Amateur Heroes of the Storm is upon us: The Heroes United Season Finale. In case you haven't been keeping up, Heroes United is an organization designed to unify the weekly amateur tournaments in an effort to help create an amateur series that turns newbies into champions. We've been watching teams grow, mold and become incredible over the past 8 weeks of weekly tournaments. While some fall, others have risen, and we hope you guys tune into the big show tomorrow evening at 7pm pst!

Thanks to the help of the community, the prize pool for the amateur-only tournament has exceeded over $2,000! With that, we've made it so everyone who plays tomorrow will be getting a slice of the prize. Of course, you can still help contribute to the prize pool and check out all of the cool backer rewards here:https://matcherino.com/b/tournaments/2655

Thanks to the amazing support of our sponsors we’re going to be awarding the winning team a set of Razer© Kraken 7.1 Chroma Gaming Headsets. As well we are giving away 5 Razer DeathAdder Chromas, and 2 BlackWidow Chromas in chat for our amazing viewers. Casting for the tournament tomorrow, we will have the wonderful Gillyweed and InVerum. Heroes Hype will be hosting the first season finale, which means the broadcast will be onhttps://www.twitch.tv/heroes_hype (5pm PST / 8pm EST).

Official rulings and invited teams: https://battlefy.com/heroeshype/heroes-united-finals/577e4645809e932f0cb41075/info

Join us on discord if you have questions or more: https://discord.gg/2RGyQ Follow us on twitter @hotsunited"

Nexus Drafthouse - Episode 2 with BabaBooeyHotS

The second episode of our new show, Nexus Drafthouse, is available on YouTube with our guest, up and coming analyst BabaBoeeyHotS! We go over two drafts from recent events in depth, and focus on improving the draft for players on Battle.net as well as understanding the draft on a deeper level when watching pro events as well. Enjoy!


Premiere Episode of Nexus Drafthouse!

Starting at 5 PM Pacific Time, StormLegacy is proud to bring you Nexus Drafthouse, a show all about an undervalued part of the game, and one that we can all benefit from learning more about: The Draft! Our first guest is the lovely Mike Udall from Gale Force Esports! We'll be going over a game of his choosing and going in-depth with the draft, discussing the mental aspects of the meta as well as playing to your team's strengths and weaknesses. The Ranked Revamp is coming to the Nexus soon, so why not get an edge before the games even start? It all goes down on our twitch channel, www.twitch.tv/StormLegacy, at 5 PM Pacific, today, Saturday May 28th!


Season 1 Tease on Twitter!

Blizzard has another social media tease today, and this one seems to strongly imply the Season 1 Ladder we've all been so eaglerly anticipating!


It looks like it's the emblem for "Diamond League", as Blizzard has stated that the system would be very similar to StarCraft II's League system. We can't wait! Hopefully we'll see this all come to fruition this weekend!